Art Feeds Out of the Box

Art Feeds

$ 25.00

Art Feeds Out of the Box is designed to fuel creativity and expression in children. 

Since 2009, we have reached over 28,000 children with Art Feeds therapeutic art and creative education programs nationwide. Because we believe in community based change, most of our impact happens in communities with Art Feeds chapters. We've recently recognized the need for creative projects not only within schools, children's organizations and community events, we want to help you stimulate creativity and expression at home.

Each Art Feeds Out of the Box comes with 5 projects and a print. This first theme is: TIME TRAVEL! More themes to come in the future. Each box has rules for grown ups, rules for children, prompts and all supplies you need for creative play. Age Range: 5-12 years.

This box is different: We think children are more creative than even adults and when helping them embrace their creativity, we can think beyond the step-by-step instructions. We don't include examples of finished products because we truly believe there are no wrong answers, the process is more important than the finished product and creativity always wins.

If you'd like more ideas or to see what artists around the world are making, you can check out #afoutofthebox and @artfeedsoutofthebox on instagram to pull more ideas and share your child's creation.

Limited quantities available, so be sure to nab yours up. All proceeds benefit the expansion of Art Feeds National.

Any orders placed will be shipped on Wednesday December 2. 


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