Dino Dig Project Box
Dino Dig Project Box
Dino Dig Project Box

Dino Dig Project Box

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This #ArtFeedsMakes will turn your back yard into an excavation site! Let your little one release these raptors from the ice age. Build your own dino dig with your little artist using these supplies and the box it's delivered in. We'll send it directly to your house.


+5 dinosaur figurines

+5 pebbles

+1 bamboo toothbrush

+Glitter and salt mixture.

*Add your own nature items and water then freeze. Then add and dirt to the mixture when little ones are ready to dig! 

Show us what you make with #ArtFeedsMakes. See the full project tutorial here. 

Box will ship within 2-3 business days. Art Feeds does not accept returns or exchanges or returns at this time. 

*Please note: Due to project box demand and art supplies, we will not always have everything exactly as pictured (i.e different colors of materials, etc.) but we will make sure you have comparable materials to create a project you love!
Dino Dig Project Box